Many small and medium enterprises want to create a simple website while their budget is limited, however a tailor-made website design may cost several thousand or more. Although there are some website building tools (e.g. Site Builder) in the market which monthly fee is low, however source code of website is not provided, customer cannot migrate the website to their own server or other web hosting company in the future.

Nethub has found some open source software and design templates, which can create a simple and beautiful website for customer. Customer just need to pay one off $500 installation fee, then they can create a website themselves, and 5 design templates will be installed in order to let customer change the website layout in the future. Furthermore, customer can download and move the website source code to their own server or other web hosting company to use. Nethub has made a user manual for the WebEasy system, customer just need to follow the procedures in the user manual to create a website for their own company. If customer do not want to create the website themselves, they can also pay additional service fee and provide all materials (e.g. photos, article…etc.), then we will create the website for you.

  • No additional monthly rental fee, low budget is required
  • Website content can be updated at anytime
  • No HTML knowledge is required, simple to use
  • More than 200 templates are available
  • After the website is created, you can still change the website template
  • Source code is provided, customer owns the website and system completely
  • Integrated content search function
  • Support multiple languages, including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done